POG x SYU Pruning Scissors 2020

‘TOYAMA HAMONO’ is a brand of the 4th generation of Toyama cutlery which is a traditional shears manufacturer based in Niigata prefecture Japan since ‘EDO’ period in 1861.

Since its establishment in the town of Sanjo, famous for the craft of blacksmithery, “TOYAMA HAMONO” have been making “garden scissors” and are known today for our professional quality garden secateurs and bonsai and flower scissors.TOYAMA HAMONO enjoys an excellent reputation both within Japan and abroad for producing the very best in garden scissors.All of TOYAMAHAMONO’s products are completely handmade by skilled craftsmen always striving to achieve unparalleled sharpness.Our mission is to continue to produce quality edged tools that will be valued and used by people today and tomorrow.

HK$ 500.00 HK$ 350.00

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